What Are the Benefits of Proactive Communication With Clients for Project Outcomes?


    What Are the Benefits of Proactive Communication With Clients for Project Outcomes?

    In the realm of client management, proactive communication can be a game-changer for project outcomes. We've gathered insights from Account Managers and CEOs, detailing four pivotal scenarios where reaching out early made all the difference. From setting clear advertising expectations to involving clients in problem-solving, discover the strategies that transformed their projects.

    • Set Clear Advertising Expectations
    • Foster Trust with Transparency
    • Proactively Address Branding Discrepancies
    • Involve Clients in Problem-Solving

    Set Clear Advertising Expectations

    I've had the greatest success with client retention and campaign performance when I am upfront about setting a monthly meeting and ensuring they understand it takes time for advertising to start working. In my current profession as an Advertising Account Manager for a local NBC affiliate, my clients often want to see results from their TV and digital campaigns immediately—sometimes within the first one or two weeks of airing. I have learned to be upfront with advertisers about the time and frequency (usually up to three months of consistent advertising) before their ads generate leads. I have also learned how important it is to be proactive about setting monthly check-in calls, so that the advertiser knows when they can expect tangible analytics showing the return on their advertising investment.

    Mary Thomas Tiller
    Mary Thomas TillerAccount Manager, WSAV

    Foster Trust with Transparency

    Effective communication and clear expectation-setting form the bedrock of successful engagements in consulting. When clients are fully informed about the process, its timeline, and the deliverables they can anticipate, they eliminate uncertainties and foster a positive experience.

    Transparency is key. I ensure my clients understand what lies ahead by openly discussing the project scope, timeline, and expected outcomes from the outset. This upfront approach cultivates trust, and minimizes the likelihood of unexpected developments derailing the project.

    Moreover, I prioritize immediate communication with my clients if unforeseen challenges arise during the engagement. Keeping them informed in real time allows us to address issues promptly and collaboratively, mitigating potential disruptions and maintaining the project's trajectory toward success.

    Kimberly Bogues
    Kimberly BoguesFounder/CEO, Flourish Business Consulting

    Proactively Address Branding Discrepancies

    In a recent project with a client for our explainer video services, proactive communication played a crucial role in improving the project outcome. Midway through the project, we identified a potential discrepancy in the client's branding guidelines that could impact the video's visual elements. Rather than waiting for the client to notice, we immediately reached out to discuss the issue and propose solutions.

    By proactively addressing the concern, we not only prevented potential delays, but also demonstrated our commitment to delivering a high-quality product aligned with the client's expectations. This proactive communication fostered trust and collaboration, allowing us to work together efficiently to resolve the issue and ensure the project's success.

    Andre Oentoro
    Andre OentoroCEO and Founder, Breadnbeyond

    Involve Clients in Problem-Solving

    Proactive communication with clients is key to project success. One time, our team was working on a tight deadline for a client when we encountered a roadblock. Instead of waiting until the last minute to inform the client, we reached out immediately to discuss the issue and brainstorm solutions together. By keeping the client in the loop and involving them in problem-solving, we were able to come up with a solution that not only met their needs but also strengthened our relationship. Remember, communication is the key to success in any project!

    Alex Stasiak
    Alex StasiakCEO & Founder, Startup House